Tuesday, October 21, 2008

About Books

So I finished Chuck Palahniuk's Rant, his most satisfying book in a long time. Of course everything he writes has previously been done and possibly better by other writers, but at least this book held me for most of its pages. As usual there is no complete ending, that is to say his books often have non-endings. Some interesting ideas here and there and it's his only other book that reminds me of Fight Club. It was much better than Haunted, a terrible book filled with good short stories.
From Wikipedia:

"Rant is told in the form of an oral biography. When the story begins, the reader discovers that the main character, Buster Landru "Rant" Casey, is already deceased. Throughout the book various people discuss their memories of Buster and the world he lived in, presenting stories in an occasionally conflicting timeline."

At times it reminded me of Don Delillo and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. with more than a nod to J.G. Ballard's Crash. If you haven't read books by these authors or are intimidated by them, I would say Rant is a good place to start. Or finish.

It did inspire me to return to J.G. Ballard. Through various used-books outlets I was able to pick up a few of his books at a bargain. I love collecting old paperbacks, especially if their covers vary.

I also wait my British copy of The Atrocity Exhibition. I will try to provide more updates when there are actually interesting things to write about. But no writing here doesn't mean I'm writing. I have been writing and editing three books at the same time.

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