Sunday, March 16, 2008

Crimson Fever

It has been confirmed that King Crimson will regroup in August and play several dates in Chicago, Texas and New York. And thus the journey appears in the horizon. Tickets must be bought soon. As they become available travel plans will have to begin. And New York tickets sell fast.
  This is the newest version of Crimson. It will have Tony Levin back in the fold and will be augmented with the addition of new drummer Gavin Harrison, originally from British prog outfit Porcupine Tree. This is some excitement. This is also terrifying. Any year that Crimson unites is a year where strong forces are at work. It means there will be travel but it will all be worth it. I can already feel the nervousness I get right before they are about to go on. Like minutes before I was ready to hear them go on and play "Dangerous Curves" for the first time in 2001.
  Trey Gunn left the band in 2003 and with Bill Brufford gone since 1997 they have worked as a quartet through their tours, 2000-2003. Five years and a few projects (not ProjeKcts) later, here we have the latest incarnation of the Crimson King. This will be the first time since '97 that they will feature a second drummer and not since 1972 have they acted as a quintet with a second drummer (Jamie Muir). 
The many faces of Crimson throughout the years:

And welcome Gavin Harrison.
That sounds really strange, welcoming a new member after all of these years. But the band has always been in a constant flux of change and progression. As Bill Brufford once put it: "Crimson is something you take off the shelf, use it and then put it back for a later time."
  Sometimes you add something to it to make it a little better.

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