Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thundarr Thighs

Last weekend we attended Megacon in Orlando. This was our 11th year going. Some years have been great, others so-so. Sometimes weather has been an obstacle. Others, traffic. This year, there was a bit of a traffic problem. They switched venues without really mentioning it but it was at least closer to the old venue. It was a better location, the hall was easier to get to and from. It wasn't too far a walk from the parking lot. But the overall experience was friendly, funny, nostalgic. They have a soft-sword group duel where kids will challenge adults to a free-for-all showdown. Lots of costumes, lots of funny inside jokes. The kids enjoy hugging each other now, offering free hugs at every turn. Better than when I was their age and everyone wanted to pulverize everyone else.
  The first thing we did was buy art and comics from small indie artists. This is my favorite part of Megacon because I get to meet hardworking artists trying to get exposure. Some are just above mediocre others are really great and have some great ideas. Sometimes this art is worth something, most times it is only worth what value I give it. I bought a sketch of Catwoman for $2. I thought of my brother who should one day get a table and sell sketches.
  My other favorite part is the people in costumes, lots of cute girls dressed like our favorite comic book and TV character.
  Like Tank Girl:

My other favorite part was buying limited edition figures of Thundarr the Barbarian. Thundarr was a favorite action adventure cartoon of mine when I was younger. It was the highlight of my Saturday morning cartoon viewing. A strange mythical adventure that took place in a post-apocalyptic future, revolving around the three main characters of Thundarr (the said Barbarian), Princess Ariel, a sorcerer; lastly Ookla the Mok, a sort of hybrid of Chewbaca and sasquatch (from the TV show).
It was also a favorite of my companion when she was growing up. It's one of many commonality that bonded us from the start. We also acquired an illegitimate collection of the show on DVD, since it has yet to be released like other Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Though the second generation episodes look a tad blurred on our 42" TV, the show manages to still impress and entertain the way it did back in the day. Still an exciting show.
  Buck Rogers and Wilma were there too. 

So were the X-Men, The Joker and Batman with his family....

Check out the miniature Wonder Woman in between Nightcrawler and Beast. Jugganaut was there too...I thought I used to work with him?

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