Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Enough For Now

I have been tuning in to the WFMU annual fund raiser for over a week now. This isn't like the fund raisers I'm used to in my little radio station. These guys make it exciting and funny, not a stressful begathon. Yesterday Yo La Tengo was in their studios in Jersey City, taking requests for pledges for about four hours. Once a hundred dollar pledge was made you were able to request any song for them to play. They ran through a strange songbook which included "Jessie's Girl", "I Can't Explain", The Velvet Underground's "Run Run Run", "Paint It, Black", "White Rabbit" and they ended with a hilarious medley of "Chantilly Lace/MacArthur Park/Afternoon Delight". If any band could successfully and hilariously combine those songs, it was these three from Hoboken, NJ:

In other music news, surprisingly, I turned on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and Wilco was the musical guest. I do believe this was the first time they've been on the show and the band was terrific playing "Hated It Here" and "Walken". During the latter, Jeff Tweedy was sporting a pretty nifty Nudie Suit.
Apparently this ruffled the feathers of a few fans who were denied one of three concerts they were playing as the band had to reschedule for a later date to accommodate their TV appearance. But rest assured you can now remove Wilco from the list of bands and performers that have never played SNL. Iggy Pop anyone?

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Natalie said...

Hi! :) Did you happen to see the Juno girl on there? She was the host. Why do I hate her so much? Everyone loves her to pieces. I thought the days of Darlene Connor were over with. Anyways- Just wanted to poke my head in and say hola. :)