Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Expectation is the prediction that history will repeat itself, exactly, precisely.

"Expectation is the prediction that history will repeat itself, exactly, precisely." -Robert Fripp

I write this as I find that I am repeating a lot of my fiction ideas. I think with my fictional writing I have reached the point where I am writing the same story over and over. The same characters seem to appear when I didn't invite them. And they all break off into the same path ending with the same results. But since my stories all take place in different universes, it is safe to say, that they will never cross paths and point and say, "Hey, I've been in this scenario before. How does it end?"
But they are all walking inside my mind occasionally encountering one another and duking it out for my attention.

Coming soon: two reviews of two key records of the 80's: Fred Frith's Cheap At Half Price and This Heat Deceit. Of course at the time they came out I was listening to Grandmaster Flash and Run-DMC, but in retrospect, listening to these albums absolutely remind me of being alive and being afraid in 1980's America. They inspire a kind of joyful paranoia.
Also, by popular demand, a review of Red Dawn, a film I have never seen.

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