Sunday, January 27, 2008

Godzilla vs. Cloverfield (Or Godzilla vs. Yer Mom)

A lot of people have voiced their indifference to Cloverfield. Well, I'm going to tell you that if you missed the symbolism and what the monster really was, you should pack yer bags and never watch a monster movie ever again.

(Did you ever really think Godzilla was about a giant lizard stomping Tokyo? It was about nuclear annihilation, man! That monster isn't really there! That monster is your worst fear manifested into a building crushing, fire breathing juggernaut! Do I have to spell it out?)

In other film related rants, I did watch There Will Be Blood, a long rambling character study starring Daniel Day-Lewis in his most challenging and possibly greatest role. I can understand why it will compete with No Country for Old Men for best picture of the year. There Will Be Blood has touches of a Cormac McCarthy drama, with apocalyptic characters battling their wills and their superstitions of god, while spending a lifetime trying destroy each other. There was oil, there was blood. And some amazing acting.

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