Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank You Tim Lucas

Tim Lucas, editor extraordinare of Video Watchdog was my inspiration for this blog. For years I have subscribed to his magazine and though I've never considered myself an essayist or review scribe, it at least made me want to write down my notes on film and the like. For years Video Watchdog has maintained consistent film reviews and essays on great lost films and interviews with forgotten artists. They also maintain a meticulous archive of film details and notes on DVD releases, always recommending the best version of a film to buy, be it an American DVD or an overseas version. And did I mention they worship Mario Bava and that the Bava book is one of the greatest film tomes ever written?

This is a copy of the latest issue:

Also, Lucas wrote this great review about Cloverfield, a film I will probably be defending for years to come. Much like the way I stood up for Napoleon Dynamite.
Check out this article. It's a great read.

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Tim Lucas said...

You're most welcome! And thank you!